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Extremely lightweight and cooling for rapid absorption to effectively target and minimise the bodies’ pain and inflammatory responses.

CBD works with and optimises the body's endocannabinoid system - our innate physiological framework which maintains balance and regulates the bodies responses to stress, pain, inflammation and many other important biochemical activities.

The nutrient dense formulation means that only a small amount is required for application to deliver effective results provided in a long-lasting formula.

Deeply hydrating and naturally unscented.


Recommended Conditions

    • Aches, Cramps, Stiffness and Sprains.
      For the relief of localised or general pain which may spread throughout the body. The topical application of CBD Therapy eases sensations of pain and discomfort.


    • Anxiety - heightened stress reactions.
      The use of CBD Therapy has been cited to provide calming and soothing benefit which is attibuted to the sedative and anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties of CBD.

    • Highly traumatised and painful skin.
      Skin which feels tender and painful to the touch and is easily agitated with the slightest interaction. Puriskin CBD Therapy has been reported to provide relief with the very lightweight non-greasy texture imparting only minimal sensation to the skin while the infused CBD delivers a neutralising effect to calm overactive responses to stimuli.

    • Inflammation and Irritation.
      The highly cooling action of cucumber extract is powerfully enhanced by the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of CBD which offers fast-acting relief - within minutes.

    • Joint pain.
      Topical application of CBD Therapy supports bone and nerve tissue which is assigned to CBD's ability to interact with receptors at these sites to increase resilience and strengthen matter at a cellular level.

    • Muscular pain.
      Massage with CBD Therapy to the affected area has shown positive results for easing discomfort caused by muscle injury and trauma. Repeated use of Puriskin CBD Therapy appears to improve uptake over time leading to increased relief with further application. This is linked to CBDs ability to upscale the efficiency of the body's own natural cannabinoids leading to greater stability and physiological balance.

CBD explained

Medical science is only beginning to understand the scope of therapeutic benefit that CBD (Cannabidiol) can offer. The far-reaching physiological benefit offered by this powerful botanical has shown in clinical research to improve a wide variety of conditions without adverse side effects.
This is due to the compounds ability to interact with receptors within the Endocannabinoid System as well as other regulating systems to optimise the internal health and balance of organs, musculoskeletal framework, nerves and other important sturctures within the body.

CBD Explained




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