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PURISKIN RESURFACING CREAM - Therapy for old and new scars

When skin is cut or wounded, a scar forms.
Scar formation is a natural part of the healing process. The larger the area of injury and the longer it takes to heal, the greater the chance of developing a visible scar.

Formulated as a healing aid Puriskin Resurfacing Cream offers supportive, skin conditioning that is recommended for daily use to deliver vital nutrients that assist the body's repair mechanisms and is particularly effective on all types of scarring both old and new - such as acne scars, burns, post-operative and keloid scars.

The active botanical of chamomile brings antibacterial and anti-inflammatory support to the membrane strengthening and cell-renewing benefits of vitamin B5, allantoin and tigergrass to form a powerful restorative cream which actively supports healing in scar tissue as well as vitally improving the general hydration of skin.



Practitioners have provided extremely strong feedback on PURISKINs effectiveness as a healing aid documenting notable results with targeted use in clinical and aftercare treatment and post-surgery after care.

Amanda Shayle


MPCH MAcS CertNatSci (open)
Clinical Practitioner, Acupuncturist,
Puriskin Brand Ambassador.

'My experience with keloid scars is that the irritation is reduced between one day and one week after which redness is significantly reduced.

Patients cite a notable reduction in size of scar tissue over long-term use.'

keloid patient result

Kirsten Dhar


MD AcuRegen UK,
AcuRegen Midlands Clinic Practitioner, Independent Prescriber

'I rely confidently on the use of Puriskin in procedures and recommended aftercare to improve the health and immunity of skin tissue. It is a delight see the relief in peoples faces once they have used Puriskin, their lives and wellbeing change as they become more confident knowing that this effective topical cream really works'

accident and Trauma patient results


To improve skin repair PURISKIN Resurfacing Cream can be applied as an active, supportive therapy to assist wound healing throughout the typical range of reactions and conditions that may result from injury

Puriskin Resurfacing Cream offers supportive, skin conditioning that is recommended for daily use to deliver vital nutrients that assist the body's repair mechanisms.

The lightweight and non-greasy texture mean the formulation is suited for repeated application throughout the day if needed and can be used under bandaging and dressings without interfering with their hold, clogging the skin, or causing discomfort.

FOR SCARS (wounds, post-operative, keloids)

Recommended for daily use, as required, to soothe itching and hydrate scar tissue.

Apply Puriskin directly to the cleaned wound area, tapping in gently until fully absorbed.
Dressing or band aids can be applied as necessary or medically recommended once fully absorbed.
Reapply Puriskin Cream as required.

Apply cream with freshly cleansed hands and avoid dragging or pulling the skin during application. br Avoid direct sunlight on the wound.

Always seek medical advice if on medication or using other topical creams that could affect performance.

FOR ACNE SCARS (pitted, raised and blemishes)

Recommended for use as the main daily moisturiser.

Apply Puriskin after cleansing the skin at morning and night.
Only a small amount is needed and should be smoothed in all over the face or affected part of the body.
This can be followed with an additional amount on any particularly sore or vulnerable areas, gently tapping or rubbed in with care - until fully absorbed.

The Resurfacing Cream will absorb to a shine-free protective micro-layer on the skin providing antibacterial support throughout the day.

For more intensive conditioning Puriskin Resurfacing Cream can also be used as a cleanser.

To cleanse, moisten the skin with a muslin cloth dampened in tepid water then apply a thin layer of the Resurfacing Cream and allow to sink in for up to one minute.
Rinse or wipe away with the muslin cloth. After cleansing, moisturise with the Resurfacing Cream as directed.


While there are a number of factors that affect how well a scar heals such as lifestyle, genetics and the health and condition of skin, vital to the healing process is effective wound care combined with rich cell nutrition consisting of vitamins, minerals, collagen, blood supply, hydration and oxygen.

Wound healing occurs in three phases: inflammation, proliferation and remodelling.

The particular nutritional profile of the Puriskin formulation helps at each stage in very specific ways.


This first stage occurs immediately after the injury and lasts for a few days.
The body sends specialized cells to stop the bleeding and remove foreign materials, like dirt and debris, from the wound. At this stage the wound is very tender, looks red, swollen and pink.

PURISKIN Resurfacing Cream - Botanical Support

The chamomile oil and chamomile tea extract calm redness and these anti-inflammatory properties are supported by borage and evening primrose oils - both rich in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) a potent anti-inflammatory of particular benefit at this point.
Antibiotic protection is provided by chamomile, tigergrass and vitamin E for immune support.


(meaning rapid growth) happens next and lasts for 3-4 weeks.
In this phase, cells called fibroblasts, rapidly divide inside the wound to produce a scaffolding made of collagen that the new cells grow on to refill the gap made by the wound. At this stage the wound thickens and contracts and depending on the scar shape and size becomes more visible and can feel tight, itchy or uncomfortable.

PURISKIN Resurfacing Cream - Botanical Support

Tigergrass is a vital support during this stage aiding the production of collagen for structural support and elastin to keep skin supple.
Vitamin B5 and allantoin provide hydrating, skin softening and smoothing benefit to reduce tightness and ease discomfort.
Allantoin aids the cell turnover rate while vitamin E fights against the destruction of red bLood cells.


This is the final and longest stage of healing .. which can last up to a few years.
Here collagen reorganizes into a neater order to strengthen the new tissue.
During this phase, a red raised and swollen scar subsides into a finer, flatter shape that more closely resembles normal skin.

PURISKIN Resurfacing Cream - Botanical Support

The rebalancing combination of vitamins, essential oils and plant actives in the emollient coconut and jojoba base provide the ongoing hydration and nutrition needed for maintaining moisture levels, dermal restructure and refinement to ensure efficient recovery and improved skin health.


Here are some of the most frequent questions we are asked about Puriskin Resurfacing Cream.


Yes. As a natural formulation with no harmful chemicals Puriskin Resurfacing Cream can be used to heal the skin surrounding the eye, while taking extra care with application around this delicate area.


Absolutely, Puriskin Resurfacing Cream is safe and effective for calming irritation and healing wounds on young skin from the age of 3.


No. Puriskin Resurfacing Cream is a restorative formulation blended with plant ingredients that are naturally active with therapeutic properties to support the body's innate healing processes. There are no medicines used in the cream.


Puriskin Resurfacing Cream is well tolerated and can be incorporated into a wider skincare routine on generally healthy skin.

For active wound healing mixing with other creams which may cause unexpected results is not recommended. If unsure seek medical advice.


Once a scar forms it will not disappear completely but good wound care can help to reduce the amount of scarring that results.


This is essential because an infection can not only interfere with how well a scar heals but can lead to further long-term complications if not caught in time.


Use a bandage to keep the wound infection-free for faster healing. Wearing a bandage during exercise or strain to the area also helps to prevent the wound from stretching and tearing.


scar tissue burns easily as it does not have the same protective pigments as normal skin - exposure to sunlight can darken a scar and make it more visible . Wearing a sunscreen on areas that are exposed can help with protection.


This information is to be used as a general guide and does not replace a clinical consultation.
Always seek medical assistance in the event of serious injury or skin damage before beginning any topical or further treatment.


INDEPENDENT USER FEEDBACK on PURISKIN Resurfacing Cream as an effective healing therapy has been considerable across a wide variety of scar types.
Here is a snapshot of user comments (excerpted from Birchbox - please excuse user typing errors) which you might find useful:

As seen on BIRCHBOX:
Perfect for my skin★★★★★ - phOebehb, May 29, 2016

'This does everything I could possibly want - moisturising, scar reducing, acne smoothing, absolutely perfect!'

Puriskin Resurfacing Cream★★★★★ - Lauramac, Mar 30 2017

'Love this! Again was looking for something gentle on my skin and to help with acne scarring and indentation and it's slowly working but there definetly is an improvement in my skin and only using it a week.'

Love this stuff!!!!★★★★★ - Jojo, Mar 19 2017

'I have a massive scar on my leg from a bike accident l[a]st year and everything I have used has not touched the scar, this magic lotion has softened it and its fading slowly and its not as noticeable any more.'

Amazing ★★★★★ - Anonymous, May 27 2016

'I have fallen in love with this product it is amazing I noticed a difference in my skin tone and texture within 48 hours my acne scars have been reducing everyday. A must for anyone suffering from scaring or large pores.'

Great all rounder ★★★★ - Kate79, May 25 2016

'This cream is fabulous. It smells lovely and sinks into your skin very quickly. I happened to have broken my ankle the month before this arrived and when the cast came off I started applying this to my surgical scars, it worked a treat! My scars have healed really well and the skin around them is very soft and parts of the scar have almost disappeared. Can't be sure if that's 100% down to this cream but it will have definitely helped. I also put it on a dark mark I have on my cheek and that is definitely not as prominent as it once was.'

God send! ★★★★★ - Angelica, Jan 30 2017

'This is by far my favourite product I ever received from my boxes it's amazing! I use it for everything from spots, redness, bad dry skin and even old scars - mainly on my makes my skin so smooth and makes my skin appear a lot clearer!'

Bye bye scars ★★★★★ - jemima, May 29, 2016

'I have an angry purple scar under my knee from some surgery I received last summer.
I've had strange looks and stares when wearing skirts in spring so tried this product. wow.
My scar is loads paler not purple and angry. More pinky. I think over prolonged usage it would really make it fade. I use it twice a day and more if wearing a skirt and it's on show. The texture is really nice and soaks in quickly. Love it. If you have scars use it.'

Love it ★★★★★ - Nasheret, Sep 11 2016

'...I had a tooth ache n was using clove oil. The clove oil left my lip cut at the corner. I noticed applying this to my face healed the cut ... I'm saving the rest for my surgery. Love it. '



'I can certainly recommend it to anyone undergoing surgery. '

'I had a total knee replacement in September 2012. I used Puriskin cream as soon as I was advised to do so by my surgeon a few weeks after surgery.
It immediately relieved the itching of the healing scar. The scar has reduced in redness and size with the regular application of Puriskin.
It rubs in very easily and is very soothing.'
Trudi Simmons Slough

PURISKIN Cream Testimonial

'I would not have believed this if I had not tried it personally'

‘I suffered a third degree burn after a summer barbecue accident and was told to expect scabbing and discomfort for a few months and permanent skin discolouration even once the burn had healed. I was recommended PURISKIN to aid during the healing process. It not only calmed the sensitivity and completely healed up the skin – the pigmentation is also fully restored.'

PURISKIN Cream Testimonial



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