Curate Apothecary

Our Founder

Jan Benham

Certified Natural Health Practitioner
Ensuring the right natural ingredients are formulated
Internationally renowned trainer and practitioner of holistic therapy Jan Benham FSBTh, FFHT, MIFPA, RAHP, CNHP has a wealth of expertise in the field of natural beauty.

Jan's extensive career in the field of holistic beauty began 40 years ago...

...spanning from initiation into the world of cosmetics as a Beauty Therapist, in the four decades since launching her first natural skincare line, Jan evolved into a most respected pioneer in the field of aromatherapy and holistic cosmetics based on the principles of complementary medicine.

Years of creative career development as a practitioner, trainer, formulator and business owner of various walk-in and e-commerce stores fine-tuned Jan's natural acumen and understanding of the most effective ways to create supportive, holistic skin care remedies that treat the body and spirit as a whole.

Extensively influencing the world of botanical care with retail premises and training facilities spanning Canada, The Netherlands and the UK,

Jan's experience motivated her to address the gap in the market for a forward-thinking plant-based range formulated for aging skin with physiological and psychological support.

Decades of product development have shaped an exceptional acumen in natural ways to acheive cosmetic beautification and this skill set is a powerful asset in the ongoing development of the Curate Apothecary portfolio.

Current work includes ongoing research and development for further curative and anti-aging formulations in the Curate Apothecary range.

In addition to this, Jan is still fully active in her educational capacity as tutor of the Aromatherapy and the Holistic Health program at Shirley Price College in the UK while also giving regular workshops at private colleges.

Jan's lends her expertise at an institutional level, teaching psychiatric nurses “Aromatherapy for Mental Care” at NHS Hospitals in the UK and is in demand hosting seminars and workshops worldwide including the Czech Republic, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany.

Jan is also recognised as a widespread author and publisher with her titles available in major bookstores, amazon and Kindle.
The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making with essential oils and their friends, 1996, 2011

The Baby Boomers Beauty Bible, 2004, 2011

Pet Care with Essential Oils and Their Friends, 2013

Dare to Kiss (The art of making lip care products and cosmetics), 2014

The Art of Making Eye Make-Up 2016

The Art of Making Natural Foundation, 2017