Curate Apothecary

Portable Solutions


.... that inflammation is reputed to be the root cause of 90% of all illnesses and conditions?

Modern lifestyles and modern stresses promote a heightened state from which our bodies very rarely fully recover.
Lack of sleep, constant stimulation, toxins, environmental and man-made hazards
or simply natural hormonal fluctuations (time of the month anyone?)
... we may take these for granted but our bodies and their symptoms tell their own story:

Insomnia, fatigue, migraines, anxiety are all too common and while the triggers might differ the result is the same - imbalance.

Our efficient botanical pick-me-ups and calm-downs are powered with anti-inflammatory and wonderfully rebalancing lavender
in an organic lightweight coconut base then further enhanced with specific essential oils to tackle our most
common day-to-day issues and provide rapid, targeted, portable relief.

Pick your blend and start to mend....



...banging, banging, none.

Keep your headache-relieving rollerball to hand and swap stress, nagging bosses,
tablets (both the mobile variety and the swallowing kind)
for basil, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils to take the pang out of the bang...

Pounding migraine begone with a calming roll onto the temples, back of the neck and base of the skull...

Release the clear new you.



...want to hide away and keep the monsters at bay?

Hide in plain sight with our pms blend that's not just for pms...
but for any time you feel the inner gremlins coming out to battle.

This girl's best friend loving essential oil blend soothes hormonal tension and cramps, irritation and anxiety with the superpower trio of clarysage, geranium and lavender...

Swipe and soothe ... Boo to those blues...



'...we're on the go so what to do?' At Curate we say - take the spa with you.

Avoid peaks and troughs with a lovely boost to get you through the day...

The revitalising mix of grapefruit, lemon and geranium will have you refreshed and sharpened
while calming lavender will keep it all in check.

No caffeine, no sugar highs and lows.
Just roll this on and you're good to go.



Not enough zzzz's got you feeling unease?

Claim back calm with our nurturing blend of lavender, marjoram and ylang ylang to take the edge right off at the end of the day...

Then settle to rest and rise at your best.