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There were questions, many questions....

... raising genuine concerns about how products designed for use at particularly delicate stages of life... expanding, vulnerable, hormonal skin... young delicate new born skin.... could be formulated with questionable ingredients ...

Forming an ethos of responsible natural formulation - well-rounded expertise, focus, determination and lots and lots of love ( extend a mother's love) were the driving force to create a truly protective, healing and nurturing range that harnesses the very best that nature has to offer in the care of young, developing skin and for restoring and rebalancing during the early stages of motherhood.

...the pursuit of answers and positive solutions brought our exceptional team together lead by an aromatherapist, a midwife and a doula!

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Responsible Formulation ... not a nasty in sight!
No parabens, no petrochemicals, no fragrance and sls-free

Healthy skin needs nourishment and care without allergens that irritate and damage and this is particularly true of young skin which is especially vulnerable and recovering skin which is delicate.

We are dedicated to formulating with a clear conscience for your health and the health of your baby.
At Curate Babies we believe in providing transparency of our ingredients.

Formulations blended to support the body's natural biological processes without fillers, or compromising on preservatives are what characterise the gentle and effective products in our range.



How We Are Made

With Vegan Ingredients
Using plant-based, naturally occuring botanicals and extracts....
With Care For The Environment
Using recyclable packaging....
...our amber glass bottles not only gently preserve the goodness of the botanical ingredients, but are recyclable and can also be re-purposed as useful items at home!
By hand
Conscientiously in small batches....
We make everything ourselves, so we know exactly what goes into our products ensuring each individual blend is produced to the highest standard.
Made in the UK
Supporting local trade and industry....
We make our products in England sourcing from companies that produce in Britain.