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Pauline Giles set up Bosom Buddies UK in 2010, after overcoming a battle with Breast Cancer.
The aim for Pauline is to inform, educate and potentially help save the lives of both women and men by raising awareness of how to look for the earliest signs of breast cancer.
Key topics that Pauline covers as a speaker, while sharing her inspirational journey through surviving cancer, include the use of paraben free cosmetics and products and the effects of alcohol abuse on health and well being.

A vital vehicle in her awareness campaign is the Bosom Buddies UK school programme, which targets Years 10 and 11 and provides an effective means of reaching 90% of the UK's 15 - 17 year old female population to dispel the myth of breast cancer as being only an older woman's disease.

Puriskin supports the mission of Bosom Buddies UK with their healing blends of hand and foot cream, additionally with the Puriskin Resurfacing Formula - each purchase of one of these creams financially supports this potentially life-saving charity.

Breast Cancer is a major killer of individuals and loved ones - whether old or young, male or female. Despite awareness months and lots of fundraising events by outstanding organisations in the UK and all over the world, there is still a lack of practical awareness about how to be vigilant and what symptoms look out for when dealing with cancer which could radically improve a survivors treatment course and quality of life and increase survival rates.

BosomBuddiesUK's school visits is one way that Pauline Giles works to address the balance of information.
The programme is well-received and it's importance vitally noted by the schools and the students as - simply put - Cancer does not discriminate.

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