0-2 Little Joy Mama: Restore Me Stretchmark Cream


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0-2 Little Joy Mama: Restore Me Stretch Mark Cream is a highly nutritive botanical moisturiser.

An exceptionally effective blend of gentle, curative ingredients formulated to support skin structure and restore suppleness to pre– and post-maternity skin that may be weakened and vulnerable through the biological stresses of pregnancy - the impact of which can lead to stretch marks, lesions and similar skin concerns.

The potent combination of healing herbs is particularly effective at delivering its vital nutrients through the lightweight consistency which enables rapid absorption into the dermis and epidermis for immediate calming relief.

Symptoms of redness, surface irritation and tenderness are typically eased on contact while long-term routine use generally results in noticeably improved skin texture, reduction of uneven surface areas and healthier skin appearance.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Nurturing, calming and soothing
  • Lightweight non-greasy consistency
  • Rapid absorption
  • Skin refining
  • Lasting Hydration


Suitable for all skin types.
0-2 Little Joy Mama: Restore Me Mother's Stretch mark cream is formulated to relieve and soothe sensitive, broken and inflamed skin:
Highly soothing on very sensitive, inflamed and irritated skin.

* For any areas feeling taught and traumatised
* Tenderness, heat and redness
* Very Dry Skins
* Soreness
* Lesions
*All conditions of irritation or sensitivity including dermatitis irritations
such as eczema or psoriasis