CURATE BABIES Roller Ball - Little Slumber - 10ml



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Curate Babies Little Slumber Baby Sleep Blend is a calming aid to naturally soothe baby into a peaceful rested sleep.

Blended for safe and effective use based on the principles of complementary medicine with the proven benefits of essential oils this plant-based support is applied at baby’s pulse points to quickly still anxiety to a gentle, sustained rest. This oil lovingly also helps soothe baby's upset stomach and stomach aches, earache and cradle cap.

Gently blended as an extremely lightweight oil for rapid absorption and minimal volume on delicate baby’s skin makes this remedy particularly easy to apply and reapply as required and be effective in outcome.

Symptoms of stress, anxiousness and fretfulness are eased through the aromatherapeutic benefits of the lavender, mandarin and chamomile essential oils which on a physical level reduce inflammation affecting baby’s comfort and elicit an emotional sense of well-being and security.


  • Extremely lightweight on baby's delicate skin
  • Nurturing, calming and soothing
  • Easy to apply and reapply
  • Portable solution
  • High-grade cold pressed oils
  • Non-greasy consistency

Curate Babies Little Slumber Baby's Sleep Blend is formulated to lull baby to a gentle sleep and soothe fretfulness:
Especially effective for any situation requiring gentle soothing help to calm baby:

* Cradle Cap
* Earache
* Fretfulness
* Restlessness and anxiety
* Insomnia
* Stomach upsets, indigestion and aches