AMANDA SHAYLE - Rebalancing Cleansing Oil


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Deep pore cleansing and cell renewal.

A gently penetrative deep cell cleanser naturally active with botanical purifiers to expel toxins and strengthen the cellular matrix with potent antioxidant protection to support healing and stimulate the complexion’s regenerative process.
An nourishing non-occlusive oil which is non-greasy and hydrating. Its’ lightweight texture ensures that it spreads quickly and easily to provide a fine film on the skin for deep cleansing to dissolve impurities without overloading pores while providing hydration to protect against moisture-loss.


  • Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports dermal regeneration
  • High-grade cold pressed oils
  • Non-greasy, lightweight consistency
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Unscented

*age spots
*crepey skin
*cystic acne
*discolouration and dullness
*enlarged pores
*fine lines