Developed in conjunction with practitioners and hospitals the PURISKIN journey began in the clinical environment with our mission of supporting healing and facilitating the healing work of others.
Since our launch into the consumer market a few years ago these trusted relationships have enabled us to continue to reach further into the community to enable hospitals and healthcare workers to care for others and vitally for themselves.

The Corona pandemic, stretching the nation's healthcare services to capacity from the nation's first lockdown, further underpinned the importance of the work that healthcare teams provide.

Throughout the COVID crisis, at PURISKIN we remain grateful to be able to respond to the call of vital services protecting our nation, our brand ambassadors and notable charities to provide urgent donations for the crucial care of hospital staff, care units, patients and families to promote healing in the community which lies at the core of the PURISKIN ethos.




HAND CREAM FOR OUR HEALTHWORKERS - Fundraiser by Cllr. Pauline GILES, Puriskin Charity Ambassador.

Cornwall Fundraiser

Springing into action at the first sign of shortage Cornwall Counciller Pauline Giles, our Puriskin Charity Ambassador rallied local support to raise funds and buy our Nurse Aid Cream at cost to supply healthcare workers in Cornwall Hospitals.

The damage caused by harsh antibacterial soaps and gels should not be underestimated. The necessary precautions while vital to inhibit the spread of infection make demanding care work all the more challenging and this was paramount as the pandemic gripped the nation and NHS staff worked under crippling demand to keep our nation safe.

Production at our warehouses stepped up several gears as Puriskin responded to Pauline Giles charitable call, gifting several rounds of soothing and replenishing moisture protection throughout the region for the duration of the crisis.
Cornwall hospitals benefitting from the nation's generosity included St. Austell's, Mid Yorkshire and the notable care in the community action by Pauline was recognised by Cornwall Live with a no.7 spot in an article on Cornwall’s 50 Wonderful Heroes Helping Cornwall through a Crisis and lockdown.


HAND CREAM FOR CAREWORKERS - Fundraiser by Sunderland Social Worker Nikki Usher, Puriskin Brand Ambassador.

The shortage of antibacterial protection became acute very early on at the start of the lockdown affecting not only Hospitals but the vital care services up and down the country. Nikki Usher raised urgently needed funds for her team at Sunderland NHS to provide our protective Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream to the healthcare teams providing vital outreach in the Sunderland area.

Actively providing resources and advice, Nikki dovetailed her efforts with the wider Global Hand Hygeine Awareness campaign to ensure the correct procedures for handwashing and aftercare were communicated in accordance to Work Health Organisation guidelines.

Multiple deliveries to care homes, hospitals and healthcare staff were made throughout the nation's first complete lockdown which was only possible through the generous responses to consequetive Nikki's fundraisers and Nikki's tireless commitment to her community.

ST. GEORGE's HOSPITAL - Neo Natal Unit

SUPPORTING FIRST TOUCH- Charity for sick and premature babies at London's St George's Hospital.

St-GeorgeEvery Christmas, First Touch, the charity which supports sick and premature babies at London's St George's Hospital, puts together a special stocking full of goodies for each baby who will be spending their first Christmas in hospital instead of at home with their family.
When First Touch approached Curate Babies to ask for a Christmas donation of All of Me Head To Toe Baby Wash, we were glad to help.

'We try hard at what is such a difficult time, to make the families' first Christmas with their new baby as special as possible. It's always lovely to see the smiles on the parents' faces when they arrive at the unit on Christmas morning and see the stockings hanging on the incubators.
It may seem like a little thing, but to these parents it makes a big difference. It may be many weeks before these babies are strong enough to have their first bath and it is a milestone parents really look forward to and celebrate.
Having a lovely, gentle product like All of Me Head To Toe Baby Wash will make it even more special and we are so grateful to Curate Babies for this marvellous donation.'
Bobbie Everson, the Family Care Co-ordinator - St George's NNU
Find out more about First Touch at www.first-touch.org.uk.

'As a midwife, I work closely with pediatricians and nurses who work on the neonatal unit(NNU), so I am very familiar with the amazing work they do - especially during this current pandemic.
Neonatal units across the country continue to provide specialist care of some of the sickest babies. This involves using up-to-date, modern equipment and ensuring staff have regular training in order to provide the best standard of care.

'Our natural, handmade, head-to-toe baby wash is the perfect companion for even the smallest and most sensitive of babies - recommended for use from 6 weeks old and contains no nasties, ensuring that your baby's skin is kept moisturised and protected.'
Jordan Davis - Founder, Curate Babies