We use pure gifts from nature and formulated for truly effective healing, every active botanical in each PURISKIN product has been carefully selected for it's unique restorative properties - to acheive targeted results in the repair stages and to assist in the maintenance of the body's core functions and vital cell processes.

In the development of our healing skincare portfolio we work very closely with practitioners expanding our knowledge of physiological need and response through case study and vital feedback with our indispensable team of clinical experts.



MPCH MAcS CertNatSci (open) Clinical Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Puriskin Brand Ambassador.

Profile Picture Amanda Shayle'As a clinician, I work with a variety of conditions on a regular basis -most notably in my special interest areas supporting dermatological conditions, cancer care and cosmetic procedures with anti-aging benefits. . 

Puriskin has been incorporated into my clinical protocols as it is completely natural and gentle enough for use on even the most damaged skin.'

Since 2004, Amanda progressively developed integrated systems of holistic treatments based on empirical western principles to build the evidence base for alternative practice and teaches her techniques internationally.
Amanda is at the forefront of the latest movements in bridging the gap between traditional and modern systems of healing bringing her understanding of physiological effects from her time at Imperial College, London.

In great demand as a trainer in her field, Amanda generously shares the success of her clinical experience with Puriskin products with industry pioneers in the field of wellness raising awareness of clinical results that are reported by those who have been treated by or trained with her.

Amanda's work continues to be an integral part of the Puriskin journey as new fields of healing are pursued in conjunction with product development according to the highest empirical standards.

KIRSTEN DHARProfile Picture Mark Dyer

MAcS MPCHM NatSci - Facial Acupuncturist, Clinician, Specialist in Dermatology and Cancer Care, Snr. Lecturer, Head of R&D-College of Chinese Medicine

'I find Puriskin absolutely invaluable in the treatment of inflammatory conditions where healing and regeneration of collagen and elastin is required.

Immediate exposure to Puriskin shows results- you put this onto a very overheated area and you will very quickly see that it starts cooling down, the redness goes and healing starts to begin.'

With extensive experience over decades working with patients with a wide variety of concerns from anti-aging to dermatological issues Kirsten's protocols have been developed with a key regard to managing inflammation and inflammatory responses.

Kirsten's valuable insights support the ongoing understanding of our active botanicals and the application of Puriskin in the context of healing and wellbeing.

PHILIP DREWProfile Picture Dr. Philip Drew

Professor of Breast Surgery Consultant Surgeon

'One of the things we worry about in breast cancer patients is over exposure to oestrogen or oestrogenic compounds such as parabens which are often found in beauty products.  

Puriskin products do not contain any parabens therefore for those needing care after breast cancer treatment these are ideal treatments to support the healing of skin .'


DR. USHA SHARMAProfile Picture Dr. Usha Sharma

Private GP Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Clinician, Specialist in Family Medicine.

'Puriskin is achieving great results not only on my patients with keloid scars and stretch marks but most skin conditions including bruising, burns, skin tags and ingrowing hairs.  

Being completely natural I was able to use I near my eye on a cyst I had which disappeared in just over a week. It is a fantastic product I highly recommend to my patients to try on any skin condition.'