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The particular nutritional blends of the Puriskin formulations provide powerful support throughout treatment and aftercare by relieving the discomfort of irritation and providing vital hydration and nutrition which are intrinsic to the healing process.

Recovery time and stages will depend on the length and combination of treatment received and additional factors such as age, lifestyle, genetics and the health and condition of skin will also affect healing.


Chemotherapy and Radiation Aftercare

Cooling relief for overheated skin, flaking and irritation The gentle blend of coconut and jojoba oils provide a lightweight base that is readily absorbed by the skin surface without irritation and provides the first step towards delivering the vital nutrients in the formulation so that healing of the skin surface can begin. Active botanicals provide rebalancing and ant-inflammatory support.

Healing of Scar Tissue after Cancer Surgery
While there are a number of factors that affect how well a scar heals such as lifestyle, genetics and the health and condition of skin, vital to the healing process is effective wound care combined with rich cell nutrition consisting of vitamins, minerals, collagen, blood supply, hydration and oxygen. Wound healing occurs in three phases: inflammation, proliferation and remodelling.

The nutrients that make up the healing blend of PURISKIN RESURFACING FORMULAs provide essential botanical support at every stage of the wound healing process.