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Bristol born and bred Carene Leslie has become one of the more recognised creatives in the city over the last 4 years making a name for herself as an innovative fashion designer with her bespoke creations frequently gracing the music videos of homegrown talent.

With Bristol's recognised pedigree of talented creatives spanning musical and visual artistits such as Massive Attack, Roni Size, Jacob Anderson, Russel Howard and legendary street artist Banksy, Carene's remarkable story adds a notable highlight to the rich creative tapestry... however her exceptional talent and emerging success is all the more poignant against the backdrop of many challenges including childhood bullying, undiagnosed dyslexia and the joyful yet mixed blessing of single motherhood.

Pouring this energy into her designs Carene's characteristic blend of contemporary edginess came to define her urban fashion with a hallmark emotional finesse honed through unique experiences and wisdom belieing her millenial years and continually maturing through this unique energy has naturally sequed from stylistic expression into wellbeing with the new launch of a selfcare range...


CareneAs Carene says, 'this journey started about 6 months ago when I was having problems sleeping and so were my two youngest. I was at my wits end I wanted to find a way for us to be able to sleep better but I don't believe in taking sleeping tablets and I wasn't sure what to do that was safe for the kids.'

Having discovered and experienced the holistic benefit of Beautystable's Puriskin portfolio and moved by the ethical values of sustainable beauty free from parabens, petrochemicals and vegan-friendly inspired mumtrepreneur Carene approached the skincare team to develop her own range and a new journey of synergy has begun.
' terms of getting back to healthy sleeping patterns they have worked magic for me and my kids.'

Pouring life experience into further opportunity another important aspect for Carene was support specifically also for anxiety,

'it’s close to my own heart as I’ve suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and [this range] has really helped me to combat my anxiety. I know so many people from males to females that also suffer from anxiety that don’t want to take the route of taking pharmaceutical products but want some sort aid to help reduce anxiety. So I wanna share this fabulous range with everyone xxxxx'


And there's more on the horizon from this inspiring talent with a range of eco-friendly wellbeing themed organic shoppers launching soon.

Wellbeing infused with style ... welcome to the positive living energy of Carene Leslie.