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Home 0-2 Little Joy

A genuine wealth of experience and expertise has been instrumental in creating the
0-2 Little Joy range which provides rounded wellbeing for both mother and baby.


Co-Founder Jordan Davis
Blending traditional and contemporary expertise

Being a midwife was the only goal for Jordan, who qualified as an NMC Registered Midwife in 2016.

‘Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life...
My heritage has meant that I have come to learn the importance of natural remedies for skin and hair care as well as basic cures for ailments.’

As a woman of Guyanese and Jamaican heritage, where natural herbs and spices were used in daily remedies and medicines, Jordan has always been dedicated to enhancing her therapies with botanical support, ensuring that the birthing experience is as comfortable as possible for both mother and baby


Jordan's experience of plant-based remedies dates back as far as she can remember and accompanied her throughout her educational and early career development.

'I believe in the holistic approach....

in the same way that both midwifery and baby masseuse go hand in hand... so does enhancing these services with botanical care...'

'In the West Indies, you're never too far from someone creating their own herbal teas and using their unprocessed, homegrown produce for nutritional or skincare purposes.'

Influencing her decision to pursue a profession as a midwife and further choices to be trained and become a teacher of baby massage, Jordan forged these options as opportunities to implement her heritage knowledge.

Time and again, witnessing first hand how struggles of breastfeeding, sleep deprivation and postnatal depression can affect the bond between a mother and baby, Jordan's insight and experience using plant-based remedies and the practice of baby massage has successfully bridged this gap.

'...the botanical support allows parents to meet their baby's physical as well as emotional needs whilst building that special bond and relationship with their little ones.'

Care In the Community
Reaching out with tangible support where it is needed is an ongoing mission close to Jordan's heart,
' It was extremely important to be able to provide dedicated help especially during this current pandemic and I was delighted while working on the development of 0-2 Little Joy by Puriskin to be able to underscore the devoted care of specialist baby units such as First Touch Charity with product from my limited edition promotional Baby Wash care package 'Curate Babies' by Puriskin to support St. George's hospital's Neonatal unit in Tooting helping parents coping with the separation from their newborns during what would have been their first Christmas during the second wave of the pandemic this past Christmas.'
Following the joy of our small collaboration I am now truly delighted to be able to provide ongoing support for various worthwhile projects With the launch of my 0-2 Little Joy range.
Please keep checking back for more to come!'
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