Divine Vitamin C Cream


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Effectively formulated for maturing skin undergoing changes through menopause.
A powerfully rejuvenating formulation blended to repair skin function, boost immunity and revatilise the appearance of the complexion.

Curate Apothecary's powerful rejuvenating aid is formulated with natural high potency of Vitamin C for active support of the cell's vital anti-oxidant and repair functions - stimulating production of collagen supporting skin structure for a visibly rejuvenated appearance to the outer surface.

As skin matures the biological rate of cell turnover and collagen production decrease, so too the body's ability to retain moisture due to a weakening of the cell matrix which acts as the skins barrier.

The potent formulatIon is super-charged with botanical hyaluronic acid for it's exceptional restorative properties, maintaining hydration within the extracellular matrix and reversing collagen and cartilage loss.


Formulated with high performance Vitamin C
Botanical Hyaluronic Acid attracts and locks in Moisture
Improves blemishes and discolouration
Provides a protective antiinflammatory film
Non-greasy hydrating finish