PURISKIN Nurse Aid Cream


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Nurse Aid is an antibacterial moisturiser that is formulated as a rich, non greasy and healing barrier cream. Using an evidence-based formulation of therapeutically proven essential oils and healing plant extracts this barrier cream will protect the skin from damage caused by regular exposure to the use of harsh alcohol gels and clinical soap. while leaving a deeply hydrating, protective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory film on the skin that helps to ward of germs and infection.

The unique formulation is designed to seal in moisture and repair any conditions that may affect the hands such as excessive dryness, dermatitis conditions and sensitivity, chapped hands, split fingers and weak nails.

Developed with nurses and clinical practitioners this formulation is ideal for daily, long-term use in any situations that require the frequent washing of hands, particularly with harsh alcohol-based anti-bacterials and chemicals that may result in sore and split skin that needs healing, hydration and added protection.

Designed to rehydrate the skin with lasting effect while providing antibacterial protection and immune support. Nurse Aid retains and seals in moisture and gently calms and speeds healing of existing splits and rashes.


Rapid absorption
Strengthens the skin barrier
Antibacterial Essential Oil Blend
Heals cracks, splits and minor wounds
Locks in Moisture
Dries to a matte, non-greasy finish

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