PURISKIN Nurse Aid Repair Wash


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Puriskin Nurse Aid Repair Wash is a nourishing and soothign SLS-free blend for the healing cleanse of harworking hands routinely exposed to stringent washes, scrubs, harsh chemicals, latex and other potential triggers for allergy and irritation.

Designed for longterm daily use, this non-greasy moisturising wash gently yet thoroughly cleanses without adding discomfort to flare-ups, rashes, splits, damaged cuticles or brittle nails.

Developed with nurses and clinical practitioners this formulation is ideal for daily, long-term use to support gentle care during any situations that require the frequent washing of hands, to avoid the irritaions typically associated with particularly with harsh alcohol-based anti-bacterials and chemicals and to provide hydration and added protection thus preventing sore and split skin that can become problematic.


SLS Free Botanical Cleanse
Antibacterial Essential Oil Blend
Heals cracks, splits and minor wounds
Locks in Moisture
Non-drying and non-stripping