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YOUR BEST HEALTH in expert hands...

In the modern era, so much more of our well-being is in our own hands than ever before. Modern technologies and economies of scale allow for an unprecedented level of lifestyle choice for masses of the global population... and yet there are a few factors that as humans we only have limited control over such as our aging, our genes and our physiology.

However, increased present day study of these areas has deepened our understanding of the various ways in which the choices we make can influence or affect the ways in which we age, aspects of our physiology and how certain genes might be triggered. 

Undoubtedly knowledge such as this is invaluable and provides the backdrop to the exceptional expert team that curates the JA Selfcare range.


In the development of this well-being portfolio the unique input of our practitioners continues to expand the scope of benefit that we can offer to you the consumer, informed through case study and vital feedback and enhancing the efficacy of each blend with indispensable tools and selfcare methods in our ongoing PURISKIN commitment to power your health with the gifts of nature.



MPCH MAcS CertNatSci (open) Clinical Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Puriskin Brand Ambassador.

Profile Picture Amanda Shayle'As a clinician, I work with a variety of conditions on a regular basis -most notably in my special interest areas supporting dermatological conditions, cancer care and cosmetic procedures with anti-aging benefits. . 
Our JA Selfcare range offers the most vital support to address key issues that have far reaching impact on our daily and our longterm health.

I am truly excited to be embarking on this further level of wellbeing journey with  you'

Since 2004, Amanda progressively developed integrated systems of holistic treatments based on empirical western principles to build the evidence base for alternative practice and teaches her techniques internationally.
Amanda is at the forefront of the latest movements in bridging the gap between traditional and modern systems of healing bringing her understanding of physiological effects from her time at Imperial College, London.

In great demand as a trainer in her field, Amanda generously shares the success of her clinical experience with Puriskin products with industry pioneers in the field of wellness raising awareness of clinical results that are reported by those who have been treated by or trained with her.

Amanda's work continues to be an integral part of the Puriskin journey as new fields of healing are pursued in conjunction with product development according to the highest empirical standards.

MARK DYERProfile Picture Mark Dyer

MSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC AACP - Physiotherapist/ Facial Acupuncturist & Independent Prescriber

'Our bodies are unique gifts and truly outstanding frameworks of excellence and efficiency.
How long we are able to preserve our abilities and moreover improve them lies very much in simple habits that we can adopt every day.
It is a delight to offer practical evidence-based tools and products that can have such profound effects on our lives and so greatly improve our quality of health.

I am sure you will enjoy the holistic scope of knowledge that we will be sharing with you and the immense benefits you will be able to experience in your rebalanced state of being.'

With a military background of over 10 years service underpinning a highly disciplined vocation in physiotherapy, every stage in the progression of Mark Dyer's expertise has been informed by an unwavering commitment to optimising physiological health. Well-being protocols designed to activate and support the body's natural pathways to recovery are hallmarks of Mark's approach to acheiving and sustaining holistic balance.

Working closely with Puriskin in the development of nutritional plant-based anti-inflammatory and physiological support for healing, Mark's expertise brings a new dimension to the Puriskin wellbeing portfolio and is additionally enhanced through his recent capacity in the treatment of Covid patients during the current pandemic widening the scope of Puriskin's range of development for a new variety of symptoms.

JESIL LEVINE-BOATENGProfile Picture Dr. Philip Drew

BSc (Hons) Medical Genetics

'Concerns about wellbeing are at an all-time high during this global pandemic - adjustments to personal, social and work routines have brought their fair share of disruption and with it the tell tale signs physiologically, mentally and emotionally.  

Putting together a range that supports and educates our society in a time of heightened need is a genuine honour. Doing so under such excellent mentorship with Amanda and Mark is simply an incredible opportunity.
Our JA Selfcare range has been produced to the highest Puriskin standards to deliver an excellent level of therapeutic care optimising the body's internal environment for calm and coping during these testing times.'

Pursuing well-being and aspects thereof has been a natural passion for Jesil as an avid sports player throughout his education and semi-professionally representing Leicester University as Rugby Team Captain, where an understanding of holistic health for the team both on and off the pitch ensured the best performance. Coupled with a scholarship in Medical Genetics providing educative insights into the body's triggers and dispositions, JA Selfcare is a natural progression offering solutions and training providing invaluable resources at a global time of need.


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