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Profile Picture Mark Dyer

MSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC AACP - Physiotherapist/ Facial Acupuncturist & Independent Prescriber

Empowering and triggering the body's physiological responses with nutritious cellular stimulation.

With a military background of over 10 years service underpinning a highly disciplined vocation in physiotherapy, every stage in the progression of Mark Dyer's expertise has been informed by an unwavering commitment to optimising physiological health. Well-being protocols designed to activate and support the body's natural pathways to recovery are hallmarks of Mark's approach to acheiving and sustaining holistic balance.

Working closely with Puriskin in the development of nutritional plant-based anti-inflammatory and physiological support for healing, Mark's expertise brings a new dimension to the Puriskin wellbeing portfolio and is additionally enhanced through his recent capacity in the treatment of Covid patients during the current pandemic widening the scope of Puriskin's range of development for a new variety of symptoms.

Continually inspired to develop methods in his clinical practice that stimulate the innate biological systems to overcome trauma and heal, and with over 20 years experience spanning specialisms in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Neurological Rehabilitation and Mark's extended interests in the study of and peer training in TCM and acupuncture have resulted in an enhanced approach to wellness that has delivered an excellent track record of recuperation with patients and private clients perceiving notable benefits of rejuvenation.

Centering on optimising the body's core processes, Mark's treatments as an independent subscriber with expert clinical brands over the years such as Puriskin and Acuregen fulfilled the beneficial goals of extending the tangible positive therapeutic effects of physio treatment with premium grade topical products to ensure lasting results achieved through the delivery of nutrient rich cellular support functioning within the deeper skin levels. 

Mark Dyer's debut range of skincare has been curated through the evaluation of these effective outcomes culminating in the launch of a highly specialised range of full spectrum hemp products that connect with the body's innate rebalancing processes to support healing, reduce inflammation and improve a wide range of skin issues.

Now available to the consumer to enjoy, the benefits of this clinical-grade botanical range offer revitalisation and the maintenance of health that is realistically acheivable through an effective natural skincare regime.