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SHHH... We're aging gracefully...

Depression, Anxiety, Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer... so many human and gender specific issues we've learned to talk about in recent years...but hot flushes, hormonal changes, loss of sex drive, incontinence.... ? Still a taboo?
It's a pity but true that society, struggling with the remnants of the traditional female role, continues to take for granted the feminine issues that are dealt with quietly, without complaint....women are meant to be ladies after all...
and therefore so many of us still wouldn't dream of talking about these issues openly.... or would we...?

We want women to know they are not alone....

As women our lives are busy and we wear many hats day to day, united through the diversity of female experience, coming together from various walks of life as a vibrant team of sisterhood we've put together Shhh... to let women know it is ok to take time out to look after themselves.

Made with love and care in small batches in the Garden of England, we carefully blend our essential oils with magnesium to maximize their therapeutic qualities, we want to enhance well-being, mood, feelings and emotions.

We are going back to nature, working with ingredients and essential oils that have been used for centuries.

Women designing a range of handcrafted well-being products to tackle issues that women do not talk about...

Let’s get the conversation started.

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MPCH MAcS CertNatSci (open) Clinical Practitioner, Acupuncturist, Puriskin Brand Ambassador.

Profile Picture Amanda Shayle'Self help really gives women a sense of control and it all begins with sleep! Magnesium is an important element for health and the immune system – plus it’s strongly associated with helping to improve sleep!  
As skin can absorb this via topical application or in the bath, I am delighted to add the Shhhh... range of products to my therapy portfolio for my personal benefit an most importantly that of my patients.


Amanda is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with 2 decades of clinical practice. Her special interest areas include woman’s health, dermatology as part of her internationally acclaimed cosmetic acupuncture system for beauty and skin health. She teaches this to other professionals under her brand, Acuregen.
She is a senior lecturer for the College of Chinese Medicine, London and is Vice Chairman of The Acupuncture Society, professional association and PSB board member of the CNHC, Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council.

The term “menopause” is not actually recognized as a term in Chinese Medicine, but aspects of these changes can be addressed significantly within Chinese medicine and the Acuregen treatment method. The concept of beauty from within is built into these treatments to help patients Feel Loved and Look Loved, with home care support playing a valuable part of the treatment mix.

As a woman of a ‘certain age’, Amanda has experienced herself how changes, as we age, affect all aspects of our lives. This can include sleep patterns, our body’s thermostat, weight changes and coping emotionally with day-to-day things. Put it all together and our skin suffers to complete the cycle.

JANE McCOURTProfile Picture Jane McCourt

Wellness Advocate, Clean Living Life-Expert, Breast Cancer Survivor

'Some say that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a gift … in some ways it is.
For me personally, it was the catalyst for a complete change of living... After extensive research I made the health altering decision to take a natural healing route....'

After receiving a triple positive breast cancer diagnosis in November 2017 at the age of 58, Jane became aware of the importance of general wellbeing to overcome chronic illness. Going back to basics, eating clean, living clean and removing toxic substances from day-to-day life.

Not an expert in the traditional sense, but with plenty of life experience, Jane is healthy and well, an avid wellness advocate and a breast cancer survivor.

Initially stopping the daily HRT tablet of oestrogen (prescribed for a hysterectomy at age 34) after the cancer diagnosis, Jane experienced the full symptoms of menopause and as with the cancer healing route, Jane found that seeking out natural remedies for helping with menopause symptoms invaluable. Essential oils to aid sleep and anxiety and minerals such as magnesium to alleviate and help with menopausal symptoms.

SARA STAFFORDProfile Picture Sara Stafford

Business Owner, Women's Health Advocate, Fitness Guru

'As a lady in my 50’s I’m currently suffering the menopause and there’s definitely a need for something like Shhhh…  

I witness on a daily basis what a major difference just talking about and sharing experiences makes for us women, how empowering it is and how it can be the vital switch from changing feelings of despair and despondency into positive hope.'

Pulling together as a female community has been a natural way of life for Sara in every aspect of her business and personal activity.

A natural-born entrepreneur, Sara in her 20's formed an interest in and studied wellbeing, health, fitness, nutrition and furthered her interest in holistic living taking courses in aromatherapy and becoming a fitness guru specialising in Bellydance.

Now, along with running a ladies clothing business, Sara also runs weekly health and wellbeing sessions to uplift, recharge and improve mental health also offering diet lifestyle advice to suit ladies mixed with a little Bellydance ' make them giggle and jiggle in a fun way...!'


PAULETTE PHILPOTTProfile Picture Paulette Philpott

Administrator, Business Trouble shooter

'Being a great believer in natural remedies and the benefits from essential oils, I am very excited to be part of a team who have developed an amazing range, Shhhh…, for menopausal women.

I truly feel that once this becomes part of a daily routine women will feel and see the benefits.'

When Paulette was in her mid 40’s she started going through the menopause. Because the subject was ‘taboo’ she couldn’t discuss it with anyone. Unable to sleep, putting on loads of weight depression started to set in.

Eventually having plucked up the courage to go and see a female doctor Paulette was told she was going through her menopause.
'...Not having anyone to talk to was a really frightening time. I felt ugly, fat, confused, I was having hot flushes, the most terrible mood swings and my concentration levels were awful probably due to my lack of sleep....'
Paulette's issues compounded with her skin losing its elasticity and starting to become very dry, despite trying every type of body lotion on the shelves.
Now on the other side, and understanding that every woman's experiene of menopause will be unique and personal, but still significant Paulette has been motivated to help promote menopausal wellbeing for every woman who is and will be going through this change.
'... I know not everybody is the same but having been through the change I am delighted that I can share my experience and be part of a team with genuine self-care solutions that can help with this.'

EMMA BULLProfile Picture Emma Bull

Formulator and Woman’s health Advocate

'When the taboo subject arose about menopause, I was so excited to be involved in Shhhh…., not only formulating the products but making them too.  

Having many friends going through this and me not being too far behind them to go through the process, I know anything to make the struggles easier and more understood would be of benefit to all women.'

Mum to 3 girls, with a busy home life and work schedule Emma personifies the modern woman dealing with the stresses of everyday personal and professional life having to juggle many balls.

Developing in her capacity of formulating and expanding in the last two years to the use of essential oils in skincare and receiving first hand customer feedback of the beneficial effects both on skin concerns and mood-balancing continues to spur Emma's motivation to support women and partcularly those at such a crucial stage of life.

' Our aim is to develop products that benefit women at each stage perimenopause, menopause and post menopause and build a resource that will help to understand that they are not alone in going through the changes to their bodies.'



MARVA WILLIAMSProfile Picture Marva Williams


'For me, formulating naturally and educating about ingredients go hand-in-hand.

The need for a range like Shhh... has been a long time coming and it is such a joy to bring these formulations to market to support the mission of not only improving women's wellness but enhancing the longevity of our community of growth, enabling us to acheive more of our goals without the constraints of female silence expected of us for so long even in recent modern times....'

Embodying the multi-faceted scope of modern female interest, Marva's career began in the telecommunications business which became very successful from the start, and had formed two telecommunications companies by her late 20s... but her deep desire was to excel in the field of her passion - natural skin care.

Active in this passion for over a decade, Marva's increasing focus has been holistic formulation along with lecturing and supporting training courses around the UK, in regards to pre-operative and post-operative skincare solutions for patients and specializing in products for people who have traumatized skin (eczema, burns and those going through Chemo and Radio Therapy) and training Doctors, Cosmetic Surgeons and Medical Practitioners, as well as specialising in self-care and wellbeing products for specific issues and women's concerns with the support of recognised holistic experts in the fields of eastern and western medicinal practice.

Pioneering and specializing in botanical solutions which deliver what they promise to do, with formulations that penetrate rapidly Marva's mission has been one of simplifying and raising the efficacy of self-care through skincare by providing truly long-lasting moisture and care without feeling heavy on the skin or leaving behind any greasy film.

Shhh... is the next chapter on this journey to help eliminate the vestiges of discomfort and embarrasment that surround the topic of female change and to actively provide tangible help for improved wellness.