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Home Scarring
Home Scarring

When skin is cut or wounded, a scar forms.
Scar formation is a natural part of the healing process. The larger the area of injury and the longer it takes to heal, the greater the chance of developing a visible scar.

Formulated as a healing aids Puriskin moisturisers offer supportive, skin conditioning that is recommended for daily use to deliver vital nutrients that assist the body's repair mechanisms and are particularly effective on all types of scarring both old and new - such as acne scars, burns, post-operative and keloid scars.
Fatty acid rich cold-pressed carrier oils and active components and botanical extracts such as Vitamin B5, allantoin and tigergrass bring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory support together with membrane strengthening and cell-renewing benefits to form powerful restorative dermatological aids which actively support healing in scar tissue as well as vitally improving the general hydration of skin.


FOR SCARS (wounds, post-operative, keloids)

Recommended for daily use, as required, to soothe itching and hydrate scar tissue.

Apply Puriskin moisturisers directly to the cleaned wound area, tapping in gently until fully absorbed. Dressing or band aids can be applied as necessary or medically recommended once fully absorbed. Reapply Puriskin Cream as required.

Apply cream with freshly cleansed hands and avoid dragging or pulling the skin during application.
Avoid direct sunlight on the wound.

Always seek medical advice if on medication or using other topical creams that could affect performance.

FOR BLEMISHES & BODY ACNE (such as pitted, raised acne scars)
Recommended for use as the main daily moisturiser.

Apply Puriskin moisturisers after cleansing the skin at morning and night.
Only a small amount is needed and should be smoothed in all over the face or affected part of the body.
This can be followed with an additional amount on any particularly sore or vulnerable areas, gently tapping or rubbed in with care - until fully absorbed.

Puriskin moisturisers are non-comedogenic and will absorb to protective micro-layers on the skin providing antiinflammatory support throughout the day.