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What is a doula and do you need one to give birth? - 25/06/2021
Doulas support expectant mums during pregnancy and birth, and even through the early weeks with a new baby. Hiring one is becoming increasingly popular – but is it for you?

What’s the difference between a doula and a midwife?

But if you’re going to have a midwife with you, do you really need a doula as well? ‘Doulas are not clinical health professionals, but work alongside midwives and doctors,’ says Jordan Davis, midwife and developer of Puriskins Curate Babies Range. ‘The benefits of hiring a doula include having extra support during such an important time. During birth especially, doulas are able to help women focus on optimal positioning and breathing techniques, for example, while midwives may be tending to more clinical aspects of care.’



A 101 Guide To Baby’s Sleep - 17/06/2021
...We asked some of the most well-informed experts to share their advice…

Jordan Davis, midwife and creator of Puriskins Curate Babies  
'Figuring out the world of sleep can be a struggle, but all parents figure it out eventually. But it’s important to know that all babies are different. Little ones enter the world not knowing the difference between day and night, wanting a constant supply of food and expecting lots of human contact. Therefore, it can be overwhelming for babies and parents who are adjusting to a new schedule.'

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How to burp a baby: tips and advice for parents - 10/06/2021
Expert tips on how to wind breastfed and bottle-fed newborn babies.

Why do you need to burp a baby? If your baby seems upset or fussy during or after a feed, there’s a good chance they need to be burped.

‘Winding your baby is important, because when a baby feeds, they can occasionally swallow air,’ explains Jordan Davis, midwife and developer of Puriskins Curate Babies Range.'

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